Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Best List of All: the Booze List

See that? That's our drinking notebook. I carry it around with me wherever I go. Inside are lists of all the bourbons, whiskeys, beers, tequilas, sakes, and vodkas we've had. Well, all that we've had since I started carrying the notebook. Or remembered to write down because sometimes I forget that I have it. That usually only happens after I've had a few. It's a pretty impressive list nonetheless.

We've made it a point to always try something new when we are out. It's easier at some places than others. I don't think we'll ever get through all of the beers at the Old Fashioned. I love that. I also love that almost all of their beers, and all the ones on tap, are from Wisconsin. Drinking locally is a taste of place that's just as important as local food.

There's also a satisfaction in knowing that you've had everything on tap in a bar, too, though the satisfaction quickly fades when you realize your drinking options are Canadian whiskeys (do Canadians not have taste buds? Or do they actually think that fiery nail polish remover tastes good? every Canadian whiskey I've ever had are varying degrees of terrible), Bud Light, and Miller High Life. No one wins with this choice.

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